High-Precision Motion Control Using Smart Motor Modules

Multi-axis motor systems used in industries like robotics and industrial automation require highly precise motion control. This video showcases the precision simultaneous control made possible by EZmotion’s smart motor modules and all-in-one servo motors. EZmotion smart motors are integrated solutions that package field-oriented control (FOC) and drive electronics within a compact housing attached to a brushless DC (BLDC) motor.

Stepper Motors vs. BLDC Motors

This video explores an efficiency comparison between a brushless DC (BLDC) motor and a stepper motor by looking at the DC current draw of both motor types under different load conditions. The motors used for comparison are a NEMA 17, 3-phase BLDC motor and a NEMA 23 bipolar stepper motor. Watch the full video to find out how the two motors performed against each other.

Precise Linear Motion Control with 2-Axis Brushless DC Motor

Understanding the mechanics and dynamics of a 2-axis brushless DC motor system helps engineers determine the appropriate motor to use. This demo consists of a spinning slotted disk and a linear sliding flag, showcasing the precision motion control made possible with EZmotion smart motors and line of BLDC motor control components. This video walks through each step of the process in creating a system that enables highly consistent, repeatable performance.

Using Smart Motor Modules for Precise Motion and Position Control of BLDC Motors

EZmotion smart motor solutions can easily be adapted to drive third-party brushless DC motors. This video demonstrates EZmotion's integration, flexibility, and accuracy with a single-axis ball toss system. The highly accurate position control system is made possible by EZmotion’s smart motor module, allowing this device to reliably throw and catch the ball at the same elevation with an incredibly small margin for error.

Showcasing Smart Motors

This video showcases how EZmotion’s motor control solutions enable a multi-terrain electric vehicle (EV) featuring smart motors. EZmotion’s smart motors provide easy control of speed, high torque, and a small form factor. Available solutions include a fully integrated BLDC motor and a DIY smart motor control module. All this can be controlled with MotionLAB, an easy-to-use programmable software that helps guide through the design steps, including rotor alignment, motion tests, and more.

Using a BLDC Servo Motor to Precisely Control a Linear Actuator

This short demo shows how EZmotion's smart motor module can be used for linear actuator motion solutions. The smart motor provides excellent performance and easy operation due to its integrated structure. By integrating a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, a driver, and a controller into one device, this solution requires less configuration and eliminates complex calculations from the user due to the module's automatic parameter identification and auto-tuning algorithm.

Stepper, Brushed, and Brushless Motors: Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

The early stages of a project often include determining which kind of motor to use between a stepper motor, a brushed DC motor, and a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. Even once one understands the differences in the working principles of each motor, it isn’t always clear as to which one fits which application best. This video will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each motor type.